S-26® Progress GOLD®

S-26® Progress GOLD®

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Toddlers aged 1 to 3 years bring a new dimension to parenthood. Your child is now more upwardly mobile, and their inquisitive nature is a delight for any parent. The early years are also an important time in the nutritional life of a child. During this age, while growth has slowed, the body's nutritional requirements are still relatively high.
Meeting a young child's nutrient requirements can be a challenge. Toddlers can become finicky and easily distracted at mealtimes and ensuring that toddlers receive the proper nutrients and supplements can be a difficult task. According to some nutritional surveys, the diets of many young children do not meet the recommended daily requirements for vitamin D, vitamin E, calcium, iron and zinc (Singapore RDA). Much of this is due to:

  1. To switch from an iron-fortified formula to full cream milk at an early age
  2. The increased consumption of fruit juice in place of a calcium-rich milk source
  3. The inadequate intake of most food groups, including meats and vegetables
  4. These feeding practices place young children at risk for nutritional deficiencies, thus compromising their growth and development

During the toddler years, the ideal transition from S-26® Promil GOLD® follow-on formula is  S-26® Progress GOLD®.

S-26® Progress GOLD® is a premium milk suitable for toddlers between 1-3 years. Formulated with the Wyeth Biofactors System, it is a nutritious milk formula that combines important nutrients at appropriate levels, including Lutein, preformed AA & DHA, 5 Nucleotides and Carotenes. It also contains Iron which is an important component of red blood cells which carry oxygen to all parts of the body to help the body's production of energy , Calcium which supports development of strong bones and teeth, Protein which helps in tissue building and growth , and other essential vitamins and minerals which aids in the optimal growth and development.

Three servings of S-26® Progress GOLD® along with a healthy diet, provide at least 100% of the US DRIs for protein, major vitamins and minerals

S-26® Progress GOLD® is available at your favourite supermarkets, hypermarkets and other retail outlets.

How to prepare S-26® Progress GOLD®

HOW TO MAKE S-26® Progress GOLD®
S-26® Progress GOLD® comes in powder form and mixes very easily with water to make a nutritious feeding.
Each can of S-26® Progress GOLD® contains a scoop for preparation. To prepare one serving of S-26® Progress GOLD®
(aproximately 240 mL), add 210 mL of previously boiled lukewarm or cool water to a cup. Add 7 level scoops of powder.
Mix until dissolved.
Lukewarm or Cool Water
(Previously Boiled)
Servings Per Day
210 mL (7fl. oz.) 7 2
One scoop = 6.0 grams
Mix one scoop S-26® Progress GOLD® to 30 mL (1.0 fl. oz.) water.
Discard unfinished servings.

Nutritional Information

  Per 100 g Per 240 mL Serving
Energy kcal 453 192
Protein g 15 6.2
Alpha Lactalbumin (Alpha Protein) g 0.64 0.27
Total Fat g 17 7.2
Saturated Fat g 6.0 2.5
AA mg 15 6.2
DHA mg 55 23
Linoleic Acid mg 3829 1617
Alpha-Linolenic Acid mg 380 161
Cholesterol mg 45 19
Carbohydrate g 59 25
Dietary Fibre (as oligofructose) g 1.7 0.72
Nucleotides mg 15 6.2
CMP mg 7.4 3.1
UMP mg 2.8 1.20
AMP mg 2.3 0.96
GMP mg 1.1 0.48
IMP mg 1.1 0.48
Taurine mg 27 11
Lutein µg 159 67
Vitamin A IU 986 417
Carotenes µg 119 50
Vitamin D IU 386 163
Vitamin E IU 5.1 2.1
Vitamin K µg 8.5 3.6
Vitamin B1 µg 347 146
Vitamin B2 µg 568 240
Vitamin B6 µg 284 120
Vitamin B12 µg 1.2 0.50
Niacin µg 3409 1440
Folic Acid µg 85 36
Pantothenic Acid µg 2290 967
Biotin µg 9.1 3.8
Vitamin C mg 57 24
Choline mg 136 58
Inositol mg 26 11
Calcium mg 517 218
Phosphorus mg 347 146
Magnesium mg 45 19
Iron mg 6.8 2.9
Zinc mg 2.8 1.2
Manganese µg 682 288
Copper µg 205 86
Iodine µg 85 36
Sodium mg 256 108
Potassium mg 1136 480
Chloride mg 455 192
Selenium µg 11 4.8
Per Serving of 240 mL - 210 mL water/7 scoops (42 g) powder.

Storage Instructions

Keep can in a cool, dry place. Always replace lid after use. Use within 4 weeks of opening. Avoid prolonged storage at excessive temperatures. Expiration date on bottom of can

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