S-26 PE Gold


Does your child display any of the 7 common picky eating behaviours?

7+7 For the Picky Eater

Picky eating children may miss out on the 7 key nutrients needed for their growth and development. NEW S-26 PE GOLD contains more than 40 ingredients and over 25 essential nutrients found in all the major food groups to fill the 7 nutritional gaps that picky eaters often miss out on.

It has an optimal blend of nutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins and fats that support increases in height and weight. Formulated with Wyeth Biofactors System, which delivers carefully balanced high quality nutrients working in synergy to help meet the nutritional needs of children.

With just 1-2 servings of S-26 PE GOLD a day, you can rest assured your picky eater gets all the nutrients needed for growth and development.

Available size: 900g Tin / 600g Refill Pouch


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S-26 PE Gold

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