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Enercal Plus Formula Milk Tin

Enercal® Plus Milk Powder
The Nutritional Supplement Drink for Adults and Elderly

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At Wyeth® Nutrition, we understand the importance of nutrition as part of leading a healthy and active lifestyle, so you can have the strength that you need to support your daily activities.

ENERCAL PLUS® is specially formulated to provide you with important nutrients as part of a balanced diet, in a great tasting beverage. It also provides a balanced caloric distribution for Carbohydrates (55%), Protein (15%) and Fat (30%) recommended by the American Heart Association.

For individuals who need nutrition and strength, ENERCAL Plus® is a suitable option for you. It can be consumed with a meal or in between meals for supplementation.
Enercal Plus 24 vitamins and minerals information
Enercal Plus Product Information

ENERCAL Plus® can be consumed with a meal or between meals to supplement your diet. Preparation instructions must be followed as listed on the can, along with your healthcare professional’s instruction for using this product.

Recommended serving: 1 serving per day or as per instructed by your healthcare professional. Prepare ENERCAL Plus® using only the enclosed scoop.

1 scoop= 13.15g

1.0kcal/ml supplementation serving of Enercal Plus Milk Preparation steps

1.5kcal/ml supplementation serving of Enercal Plus Milk Preparation steps

Enercal Plus Nutrient information first chart

Enercal Plus Nutrient information second chart

Strength for Life

Enercal Plus® is suitable for:

  • Senior individuals looking for convenient and nutrient dense options
  • Active individuals looking for supplementation

Storage Instruction

Use within 4 weeks of opening and discard remaining powder after that. Keep tin in a cool dry place. Always cover tin with lid after use. If prepared product cannot be used immediately, store in the refrigerator for no longer than 24 hours.

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