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Ascenda Formula Milk for Picky Eating Children

ASCENDATM Milk Formula

For picky eating toddlers and young children

Complete, Balanced Nutrition to Support Kids’ Growth

  • Sphingomyelin
  • Arginine
  • +36% Protein
  • +50% Calcium

No Added Sucrose

Same great taste!

*as compared to previous S-26 PE Gold Milk Formula

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New Look,
Improved Recipe!

S26-PE Gold has been improved with a new recipe, now known as Ascenda

Is your child falling
behind on growth?

In Singapore, picky eating is a common problem among children, especially during toddler stage, aged 1 to 5, which may lead to insufficient intake of essential nutrients to support their growth and development.


ASCENDA’s specialty BUILD & LEARN SYSTEMTM contains a scientific blend of essential nutrients including Sphingomyelin, DHA, Lutein, Nucleotides, Arginine and all important vitamins and minerals to help support body growth and learning.

Brain & Eyes Development
Supported by DHA for toddlers up to 3 years of age.
Physical Growth
High-quality Protein (α-lactalbumin) helps in tissue building and growth.
Immunity Support
Iron, Zinc, Folic Acid, Vitamin A, B6, B12, C and D for normal immune function.
Ascenda reignites growth and supports your child's learning

How does ASCENDA compare to other leading Picky Eating formula milk brands?

How Ascenda milk formula compares to other brands. Minimum quantum when compared to similar products under the Picky Eater/ Catch-up Growth category.

  • One scoop of ASCENDA = 6 g
  • Using more or less powder as indicated could lead to dehydration or deprive your baby/ toddler/child of proper nutrition. Do not change proportions without medical advice.
  • If the prepared formula is not consumed immediately, the milk should be covered and stored in the refrigerator, then used within 24 hours. Discard any unfinished servings.
  • Expiration date/Manufacturing date can be found on the bottom of the can.
  • ASCENDA is highly recommended to be consumed in addition to a varied diet.