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Stay on top of your pregnancy journey with these easy-to-use tools

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

To calculate your baby's estimated date of delivery (EDD), select the year, the month and the date of the first day of your last period from the drop down boxes. Click the 'Calculate my due date' button and the date that appears is your baby's EDD, presuming you have a regular 28 day cycle. If you don't have a 28 day cycle, you can adjust the number of days from the ‘Cycle length' drop down menu to match your own. See your health care professional to confirm your exact due date.


Pregnant Journey with PROMAMA®

Read on and we will show you the importance of nutritional supplementation and how PROMAMA® can help you in fulfilling your increased nutrition requirements, while supporting appropriate weight gain with less fat.

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PROMAMA - Nutritional Supplement for Pregnant Mothers