S26 Gold Baby Formula Milk

Our commitment is to push the limits of science to ensure every child can have a healthier start in life. Only by doing so can we help the next generation make a greater impact on the world. Choose from our range of S26 Gold Premium Formula Milk, crafted with scientifically-advanced formulas and nutritional supplements of the highest quality and safety.

Premium Baby Formula Milk to Support Brain Development^ & Immunity*

S26 GOLD Progress Stage 3 Growing Up Milk is suitable for toddlers from 1 - 3 years old, while S26 GOLD Promise Stage 4 Growing Up Milk is great for kids 3 years onwards.
Both milk formulas contain ingredients to support Brain Development^ and Immunity*, as well as Sphingomyelin and 2’-FL.

^DHA and ARA are important building blocks for developing the brain and eyes in infants.

*Zinc and Iron supports your child’s natural defences for children up to 6 years of age.

S-26 Progress Gold

S-26® GOLD Progress®

S-26 Promise Gold

S-26® GOLD Promise®