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Learn why growing up with a balanced nutrition is important for kids

At this stage, toddlers experience rapid growth and intense development. Therefore, sufficient nutrients intake is crucial for their wellbeing. Fascinating leaps in development include walking, talking, interacting and even, learning to use the potty! S-26® GOLD Progress® is specially formulated to fulfil your child’s growth needs.

Growing-up with Wyeth

S-26® GOLD Progress® is suitbale for children 1 - 3 years old. It contains Specialized 26 ingredients to support your child's development and learning environment to nurture your child’s ingenious mind.

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Better Nutrients Better Health

S-26® GOLD Promise® is a nutritious growing-up milk suitable for children from three years of age onward. It is a premium growing-up milk with a combination of biofactors of important nutrients at proper levels for the growing child.

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Supporting Catch-up Growth

ASCENDA™️ contains a scientific blend of essential nutrients to help support body growth and learning, hence providing children with complete, balanced nutrition to reach their fullest growth potential.

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