Enjoy Normal Activities

Enjoy Normal Activities

During your pregnancy, avoiding normal activities such as work and travel may not be necessary, however it is important to ensure you are getting sufficient rest.


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If you are healthy, there is no reason to avoid normal activities such as work, travel, or sexual relations. Depending on your occupation, you may be able to continue working for the duration of your pregnancy, if you wish.

Travel is usually permissible, but you should avoid taking long trips late in your pregnancy. Make yourself comfortable while traveling by stretching and moving around occasionally.

Sexual intercourse during pregnancy is usually not restricted provided you experience no bleeding, cramps, or discomfort. It is best to discuss these matters with your health care professional, as you may have special needs to consider.

... but get your rest

When you are pregnant, rest is as important as activity. During early pregnancy, you may feel more tired than usual and extra sleep is a good idea. Take a nap if you can, or plan short rest periods during the day. Try to simplify your routine as much as possible. As your body changes in later pregnancy, you may have difficulty sleeping. It may help to prop yourself up with pillows. If you have trouble sleeping, discuss this with your health care professional.

Rest and sleep

Helping you to get the rest you need

It's normal to struggle to get sleep when you're pregnant. As the third trimester progresses and your bump gets bigger, you may find it harder to get comfortable.
If you aren't sleeping well, try not to let it bother you. Don't worry that it will harm your child – it won't.

Things to try:

  • Do some gentle exercise during the day
  • A rest during the day can also help you feel less tired
  • Rather than watching television, spend the last hour before bed reading a book, listening to some restful music or taking a long soak in a warm bath
  • Have a hot, milky drink before bed
  • Lie on your side and put extra pillows behind your back, under your bump and between your knees
  • Relaxation techniques may help. Ask for advice at your antenatal classes

Getting rest now you have a newborn

It's important to recognise your sleeping pattern will probably change dramatically

  • Grab sleep when you can. That means sleeping when they do, whatever time of day
  • Avoid the temptation to do housework when they're asleep, it's more important for you to get rest
  • Don't be shy about asking friends for help and get as much help as you can from your partner, family and friends
  • It's a good idea to get your partner to do some of the night feeds occasionally. If you're breastfeeding, that'll mean expressing some milk in the day
  • It's also helpful if someone can look after your baby for a couple of hours to give you some rest and space

Occasionally sleeplessness, when accompanied by other symptoms, can be a sign of depression. Speak to your doctor or midwife if you're concerned.

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