Promama® Maternal Milk Sample



The journey of motherhood is filled with joy, love, and a deep desire to provide the best for your little one. Promama is our maternal milk powder specially formulated for pregnant and breastfeeding mums.

A low-fat milk supplement that contains essential nutrients to support you and the development of your child:
•    Contains DHA and Sphingomyelin to help support your baby's growth and development
•    Rich in fibre; A2 B-Casein and Oligofructose to help maintain a healthy digestive system
•    Low in fat, one glass contains only 2.1g of fat

Give yourself and your baby the best start with Promama, because you deserve the utmost care and support during this incredible phase of motherhood. Fill up the form below to receive a Promama Maternal Milk Free Sample and find out more information about Promama.