pregnant woman

Week 15

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My Body in the 15th Week

Trimester 2 of your pregnancy

Your pregnancy may now be evident to others if you wear form-fitting clothing or maternity clothes. However, this varies from woman to woman and depends on your own body shape and build. With your circulatory system moving about 40% more blood than usual through your veins and arteries, you may develop varicose veins—blue, rope-like veins that are a bit swollen and can cause discomfort.

Don't be surprised if you notice increased vaginal discharge. As long as it is white and watery-looking, and not yellow or foul-smelling, the discharge is perfectly normal.

My Baby in the 15th Week

Your baby now weighs about 50 g and is about the size of a softball. His bones are accumulating calcium and the skeleton is hardening, but the bones will stay flexible enough to ease the journey through the birth canal. He can turn his head, make fists, point his toes, and even smile or frown.