pregnant woman

Week 22

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My Body in the 22nd Week

Trimester 2 of your pregnancy

Although you definitely have a sizable pregnancy "bump," you are still able to bend over and get around well. In fact, you're probably feeling fine, though maybe a little clumsier than usual. Some minor discomforts may include headaches, occasional urine leaks, and backaches.

My Baby in the 22nd Week

Your baby now weighs about 350 g, and her body is getting larger every day. She now has well-developed eyebrows and eyelids, and her fingernails cover her fingertips. Her heartbeat may now be powerful enough for you to hear with an ordinary stethoscope.

She's preparing for life outside the womb by opening and closing her mouth. And since her taste buds are now developed, she can experience the flavors that cross through the placenta and season the amniotic fluid she's swallowing.