pregnant woman

Week 25

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My Body in the 25th Week

Trimester 2 of your pregnancy

A glance at your side view in the mirror reveals that your uterus has grown quite a bit in a few weeks. Your uterus is now about the size of a soccer ball. Your breasts have also grown substantially as they prepare to produce milk for your baby.

What new symptoms might you be noticing? As baby grows and crowds your lungs, you may feel a little short of breath. Or perhaps you're feeling a bit itchy—the natural result of your skin and muscles stretching.

My Baby in the 25th Week

Baby now weighs about 700 g as he continues to gain fat. His eyes can open and close, and he's beginning to have more distinct periods of being awake and asleep. His movements are actually a form of playing in your womb—just something to help occupy his time and prepare for life on the outside.

His brain is already able to control breathing, digestion, and body temperature. The cerebral cortex of the brain, which will control the senses, speaking, and walking, is under development.