pregnant woman

Week 24

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My Body in the 24th Week

Trimester 2 of your pregnancy

The biggest change that you might be noticing lately is the urge to "nest." As baby's arrival draws closer, it's common to focus on decorating the nursery, shopping for supplies, and preparing your home—even if these activities wouldn't normally interest you.

Other changes you might notice around this time include pigment changes in your skin, bleeding gums, and nasal stuffiness or even nosebleeds.

My Baby in the 24th Week

Your baby now weighs about 540 g, but she still has a lot of growing to do. Over the remaining weeks, she'll gain between 2.7 and 3.2 kg. Her ears are sensitive enough to hear sounds coming from outside the womb, and she even recognizes your voice. She has actually developed enough to have a chance of surviving outside your body with intensive care if it is necessary to deliver prematurely.