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Week 38

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My Body in the 38th Week

Trimester 3 of your pregnancy

You are probably not getting much bigger, even though it may seem that way. However, you are probably more uncomfortable this week than you were last week. You and your partner may be amused to detect—sometimes through the movement of your clothing—the wiggling, wriggling, and hiccupping that are occurring in your crowded womb right now.

You may have some symptoms that are less enjoyable, such as headaches or dry eyes. Talk to your doctor if they are really troublesome, but otherwise take comfort in the fact that the finish line is in sight.

My Baby in the 38th Week

Your baby has gained a little weight this past week and now weighs about 3.1 kg, but she hasn't really lengthened much since last week. Because of her size, her knees and elbows are now flexed or folded at all times.

Her lungs are more mature, and she's spending some time practicing her breathing. As she inhales some of the amniotic fluid (which is perfectly normal), she may give herself the hiccups.