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Week 39

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My Body in the 39th Week

Trimester 3 of your pregnancy

Relax—you really probably can't get much bigger now. Your uterus has taken over a good bit of space, filling most of your abdomen and your pelvis, but it won't be long before you deliver.

You may find that you are actually energetic right now. Many women spend these last days of pregnancy organizing and cleaning around the house. Your desire to "nest" is brought to you courtesy of the hormones and emotions coursing through your very pregnant body.

My Baby in the 39th Week

Your baby now weighs about 3.25 kg and has reached a length of about 48 cm. At this point, he takes up so much space in your womb that he's kicking your organs to make room. With all of his facial features developed, he's a cutie! All of his organ systems are developed and ready to go. Now he just needs to decide when his birthday will be!