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Week 40

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My Body in the 40th Week

Trimester 3 of your pregnancy

Your body looks and undoubtedly feels large, but it really won't be long now before the baby arrives. Your mind may naturally turn to thinking about possible ways to hasten the process.

You may have heard some suggestions about how to induce labor—eating spicy food, walking extra-long distances, stimulating your nipples, having sexual intercourse—but these practices have not been clinically proven to work. Patience may be the best counsel right now.

My Baby in the 40th Week

This week your baby weighs about 3.4 kg and is 48 cm long. At this size, she fills your uterus and is out of room for movement. Most of her body hair has disappeared, but her skin is covered in a thin layer of fatty cells known as vernix.

She recognizes your voice—and it won't be long before you hear hers.

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