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Week 41

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My Body in the 41st Week

Trimester 3 of your pregnancy

If you are reading this milestone, you're probably at least a little unhappy. Most expectant mothers aren't pleased when the baby is overdue. Keep in mind that maybe your baby isn't off schedule—after all, a due date is just an estimate.

Only 5% of women deliver on the actual due date. Your health care professional will monitor closely to make sure that your baby is well. And you won't have to wait forever; few pregnancies are allowed to go much beyond 42 confirmed weeks without medical intervention.

My Baby in the 41st Week

Since your baby has no idea which day it is, he is just as content as he was last week in your womb! Further, since studies show that about 70% of apparent "post-term" pregnancies are really not post-term (they are instead the result of a miscalculation of the due date), chances are that his development is right on schedule. Most babies continue to grow and thrive well into the tenth month of pregnancy.