Week 6

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My Body in the 6th Week

Trimester 1 of your pregnancy

The nausea and vomiting of pregnancy—commonly known as morning sickness—often start now. About 70% of pregnant women suffer from morning sickness, which may actually occur at any time during the day. Although you might have gained a few pounds by now, you may not notice much change in your abdomen if this is your first pregnancy. If you have had morning sickness and have not been eating as much as usual, you may have lost weight.

My Baby in the 6th Week

Your baby now measures about 1.3 cm in length. Baby's head is as large as the rest of her body, but her arm and leg buds are starting to lengthen. The spine is completely developed, her eyes already have a lens, and her heart is beating at 150-160 beats per minute.