Week 10

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My Body in the 10th Week

Trimester 1 of your pregnancy

Even though your clothes may not be fitting as well, you probably don't need maternity clothes just yet. When will you start to show? At about 20 weeks on average—sooner for smaller, thinner women and those who have had a baby before, and later for larger, heavier women.

Pregnancy hormones may be responsible for pimples and oily skin, or, if you're lucky, a rosy, healthy glow. Hormones may also affect your interest in sex; either an increased or a diminished interest is perfectly normal.

My Baby in the 10th Week

Your baby now is about 5 cm in length and weighs about 5 g. Her body is now more proportional to her head. The lungs are developing, and bones are forming right down to her fingers and toes. At the end of week 10, your baby has completed the embryonic period and enters the fetal period of development.