Week 9

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My Body in the 9th Week

Trimester 1 of your pregnancy

You may now start to notice that your waistline is getting bigger. As your weight starts to increase, remember that weight gain is an important measure by which your health care professional will monitor the development of your baby.

Around this time, you may also notice that your nipples and breasts are a little sore, or that you are more prone to gas, heartburn, and constipation. You can thank your hormones for these normal, if somewhat unpleasant, changes.

My Baby in the 9th Week

Your baby is now about 3 cm in length. His arms and legs are longer, and his fingers and toes are now better defined. Nerves and muscles are starting to work together, and although you can't feel it yet, your baby is starting to make small movements.

Almost all organs, including the liver and pancreas, are beginning to function.